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EvaluationEvaluation TypeUnit/CountryCompletion YearQuality Rating
Final evaluation of EVAW Programme (83187 and 90454) Programme EvaluationCambodia2016 Very Good
Final Evaluation of EVAW Programme (Two agreement number: 83187 with DFAT reference: 62966, and 90454 with DFAT reference: 69991) with end date Dec 2015 Programme EvaluationCambodia2016 Not Rated
End of Term Evaluation of the Project ‘Towards Gender Equality Women’s Economic Empowerment Home Based Workers, Phase II’ (2012-2015) Programme EvaluationPakistan2016 Very Good
End Term Evaluation of Women Leadership and Social Reconstruction Project Programme EvaluationPakistan2016 Good
Programme d’Appui au renforcement de la participation des femmes dans les domaines de la Paix et la Sécurité et l’Assistance aux femmes et filles touchées par le conflit en RCA Programme EvaluationRegional Office for West and Central Africa (Senegal)2016 Good
Promoting Social Cohesion through Women's Economic Empowerment and Protection Initiatives in Irbid and Zarqa Programme EvaluationJordan2016 Good
Evaluacion Final del Programa BEO Programme EvaluationGuatemala2016 Not Rated
UN Women Fund for Gender Equality (FGE) Meta Evaluation/Meta Analysis of WPP and WEE (Impact 1 and Impact 2) programme evaluations undertaken between 2009-2015 Programme EvaluationFund for Gender Equality2016 Not Rated
Evaluation of the FGE project " Training personal development and socio-professional integration of single mothers" Programme EvaluationMulti-Country Office for the Maghreb (Morocco)2016 Not Rated
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