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EvaluationEvaluation TypeUnit/CountryCompletion YearQuality Rating
Burundi Country Portofolio Evaluation Country-level EvaluationBurundi2018 Not Rated
Country Portfolio Evaluation 2014-2017 Country-level EvaluationCameroon2017 Good
Implementation of 2012-2013 strategic plan Evaluation Country-level EvaluationCameroon2016 Not Rated
UN Women CIV Portfolio Evaluations 2014-2016 Country-level EvaluationCote d'Ivoire2017 Good
Évaluation du Portefeuille Pays - CIV 2014-2016 Country-level EvaluationCote d'Ivoire2017 Not Rated
UN Women El Salvador, Country Portfolio Evaluation Country-level EvaluationEl Salvador2015 Good
ECO SN Mid Term Review Country-level EvaluationEthiopia2018 Not Rated
Country Portfolio Evaluation at end of Ethiopia SN 2014/2015-2016 Country-level EvaluationEthiopia2016 Very Good
Portfolio Evaluation of Kazakhstan Multi-Country Office for Central Asia Strategic Note Country-level EvaluationKazakhstan2015 Very Good
Kenya Country Strategy Mid-Term Evaluation Country-level EvaluationKenya2017 Good
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