Management Response

: Multi-Country Office for the Maghreb (Morocco)
: 2012 - 2013 , Multi-Country Office for the Maghreb (Morocco) (MCO)
: Final Evaluation of the project Cultural Heritage and Creative Industries as Vehicles for Development in Morocco
: Multi-Country Office for the Maghreb (Morocco)


: Approved
Recommendation: Recommendation 5 : Extension and duplication
Management Response: Development of the project ?Support to a local planning that is gender sensitive and incorporates adaptation to climate change concerns in Morocco? in the rural mountainous and oasis regions that are most vulnerable to climate change negative impacts in Morocco
Management Response Category:
Thematic Area: Not applicable
Operating Principles: Not applicable
Organizational Priorities: Not applicable
UNEG Criteria: Not applicable
Key Actions
Responsible Deadline Status Comments
1.Development of the project based on the result of the MDG Culture project UNWomen 2012/08 Completed
2.Funds mobilization: Swiss Government UNWomen 2012/09 Completed
3.Signature of the agreement and launch of the project UNWomen 2013/01 Completed