Evaluation : Bangladesh (CO)

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Evaluation Reports

SNo Evaluation Evaluation Type Completion Date Quality Rating Management Response
1 Evaluation of crisis response in Asia-Pacific (Annex 13 – Case Study on Cox’s Bazar)
Corporate Evaluation-Regional Evaluation
Not Rated No
2 Final evaluation of project “Joint Programme on Enhancing social protection for female tea garden workers and their families in Sylhet Division”
Final Evaluation-Programme Evaluation
Not Rated No
3 Country Portfolio Evaluation
Corporate Evaluation-Country-level Evaluation
Very Good Yes
4 Final Evaluation of the Project titled ‘Building capacity to Prevent Violence Against Women (BCPVAW)
Final Evaluation-Programme Evaluation
Good Yes
5 Final evaluation of Gender and Climate Change project
Final Evaluation-Programme Evaluation
Satisfactory Yes
6 Final evaluation of Decent Work through Migration
Final Evaluation-Programme Evaluation
Not Rated Yes