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EvaluationEvaluation TypeUnit/CountryCompletion YearQuality Rating
Promoting rural women’s food security in Jordan Programme EvaluationJordan2017 Very Good
Preventing and addressing violence against women and girls in Albania, Mexico and Timor Leste Programme EvaluationProgramme Division2017 Very Good
Final evaluation of the project "Strengthening women's capacity in disaster risk reduction to cope with climate change" (2013-2016) Programme EvaluationVietnam2017 Very Good
Final Evaluation of the Knowledge Gateway on Women’s Economic Empowerment Project (Empower Women) Programme EvaluationPolicy Division2017 Very Good
Final evaluation of project "Women for Equality, Peace and Development in Georgia" Programme EvaluationGeorgia2016 Very Good
Final evaluation of Project « renforcement des capacités des femmes parlementaires pour une application effective des engagements sur l’égalité des sexes au Sénégal » Programme EvaluationSenegal2016 Very Good
Final evaluation of EVAW Programme (83187 and 90454) Programme EvaluationCambodia2016 Very Good
End of Term Evaluation of the Project ‘Towards Gender Equality Women’s Economic Empowerment Home Based Workers, Phase II’ (2012-2015) Programme EvaluationPakistan2016 Very Good
Action to Promote the Legal Empowerment of Women in the Context of HIV and AIDS Programme EvaluationPolicy Division2015 Very Good
UN Joint Programme on Gender Equality (UNJPGE) Final Evaluation Programme EvaluationUganda2015 Very Good
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