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EvaluationEvaluation TypeUnit/CountryCompletion YearQuality Rating
Mehwar Center for the Protection and Empowerment of women and their families: 2008-2012 Programme EvaluationPalestine  Satisfactory
Final evaluation of the Safe Cities Programme Central American component ( El Salvador and Guatemala) (ZONTA funded component) Programme EvaluationGuatemala  Satisfactory
Final Strategic Review of the Upscaling Gender Responsive Budgeting for Accelerated Action Towards Gender Equality programme Programme EvaluationPolicy, Programme and Intergovernmental Division  Not Rated
Evaluability Assessment of the Programme on 'Strengthening women's capacity in disaster risk reduction to cope with climate change in Viet Nam'' Programme EvaluationVietnam  Not Rated
Final Evaluation for the Transforming Social Protection for Persons with Disabilities in Georgia Programme EvaluationGeorgia  Good
The Empowering Women and Girls for Enhanced Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response in Borno and Yobe States, Northeast Nigeria Programme EvaluationNigeria2024 Not Rated
Final Evaluation of UN Women’s Programme on Women’s Empowerment in Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health (SRMNCAH) Rights in Humanitarian Settings in the Horn of Africa (POWER) Programme EvaluationEthiopia2024 Not Rated
Évaluation finale du projet « Autonomisation des femmes dans l’agriculture grâce à l’accès aux TIC en Côte d’Ivoire » Programme EvaluationCote d'Ivoire2024 Very Good
Final Evaluation Second Chance Education and Vocational Learning (SCE) Programme Programme EvaluationPolicy, Programme and Intergovernmental Division2024 Good
End-line evaluation for the Japan-funded LEAP III Programme 2021 -2023 Programme EvaluationKenya2024 Not Rated
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