Plan Details (2020 - 2025)

: 2020 - 2025
: Current
: During the next SN period, 7 evaluations are expected to take place: 4 for non-core projects in economic empowerment, national gender statistics, EVAW and former frontier issues. Three evaluations are planned with core resources, one strategic evaluation and one from a crosscutting area “communication campaigns”. These evaluative processes represent an opportunity to strengthen the Mexico CO evaluation capacities on gender sensitive evaluation.
: Mexico MERP- 2020-2025 29.01.2020.docx


Title Type Impact Area Region / Countries Joint Evaluation (Yes/No) Planned End Date (mm/yyyy) Status Management Response Quality Rating
Moving Forward Equality Final Evaluation
Final Evaluation-Programme Evaluation
SP 2014-2017 Impact Area 2
Completed Good
Global Centre of Excellence on Gender Statistics (CEGS) Mid Term Evaluation
Mid Term Evaluation-Organizational Performance Evaluation
SP 2014-2017 Impact Area 6
Completed Very Good