Plan Details (2014 - 2017)

: 2014 - 2017
: Archived
: This evaluation plan covers 2014-2017 period. It will be updated every year soon after the MERP is issued.
: MERPMALI2014_2017_En.docx


Title Type Impact Area Region / Countries Joint Evaluation (Yes/No) Planned End Date (mm/yyyy) Status Management Response Quality Rating
Women Leadership and Participation in Peace Security and Humanitarian Action Final Evaluation
Final Evaluation-Programme Evaluation
SP 2014-2017 Impact Area 4
Completed Good
Support for rural women's economic empowerment in the context of food insecurity and climate change in Mali Final Program Evaluation
Final Evaluation-Country-level Evaluation
SP 2014-2017 Impact Area 1
SP 2014-2017 Impact Area 2
Completed Not Rated