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EvaluationEvaluation TypeUnit/CountryCompletion YearQuality Rating
Final Evaluation for the Good Governance for Gender Equality in Georgia project Programme EvaluationGeorgia2023 Not Rated
Women and Girls Access to Justice (A2J) Through Effective, Accountable and Gender Responsive Institutions (A2J Project) Programme EvaluationUganda2023 Not Rated
Prevention of COVID-19 Infections Among Women and Girls Displaced into IDP and Refugee Camps under LEAP II in Uganda Programme EvaluationUganda2023 Not Rated
GEF EU Final Evaluation Programme EvaluationBosnia Herzegovina2023 Not Rated
Evaluation of Sweden non-earmarked contribution to the SN Programme EvaluationColombia2023 Not Rated
Women’s Engagement in the Transitional Process in South Sudan Programme EvaluationSouth Sudan2023 Good
Evaluation: UN Women Lebanon’s 2021-2022 Livelihoods Initiatives Programme EvaluationLebanon2023 Very Good
Final Evaluation of the Project “Promoting Gender Responsive Policy Making and Budgeting: Towards Transparent, Inclusive and Accountable Governance in North Macedonia” Programme EvaluationMacedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of2023 Very Good
Final Evaluation of project “Gender mainstreaming advisory services to the North Macedonian administration at central level” Programme EvaluationMacedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of2023 Not Rated
Evaluation of the Strengthening Resilience of Women and Girls affected by conflicts, violent extremism and climate change in the Lake Chad Region (LCB) programme Programme EvaluationPolicy, Programme and Intergovernmental Division2023 Not Rated
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