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EvaluationEvaluation TypeUnit/CountryCompletion YearQuality Rating
“Promoting Resilience, Self-Reliance And Social Cohesion Among Displaced Populations And Host Communities With Focus On Women And Girls In South Sudan and Mali” Programme EvaluationSouth Sudan2022 Unsatisfactory
Promoting Women, Peace and Security Agenda through the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan-Netherlands funded project Programme EvaluationSouth Sudan2022 Not Rated
Final evaluation of project “Joint Programme on Enhancing social protection for female tea garden workers and their families in Sylhet Division” Programme EvaluationBangladesh2022 Not Rated
Joint Evaluation of the National Resilience Programme led and managed by UNDP Programme EvaluationBangladesh2022 Not Rated
Final Eval "Migration et capacites productives à kantche/zinder" Programme EvaluationNiger2022 Fair
Final EVAL "Protéger les droits des migrantes dans la région de Tahoua" Programme EvaluationNiger2022 Unsatisfactory
Final Evaluation of UNJP on EVAW Phase I (2018-2021) Programme EvaluationAlbania2022 Very Good
Final evaluation of UN Joint programme Catalyzing Municipal Social Protection Programme EvaluationAlbania2022 Not Rated
Mid-Term Evaluation of the Engendering Governance to Promote Peace and Security in Zimbabwe Programme EvaluationZimbabwe2022 Good
Safe Cities End Term Evaluation Programme EvaluationEgypt2022 Very Good
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