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EvaluationEvaluation TypeUnit/CountryCompletion YearQuality Rating
Evaluation of PBF project “Building a Constituency for Peace” Programme EvaluationKyrgyzstan2016 Good
Final Evaluation of the joint project “Empowering Youth for a Peaceful, Prosperous and Sustainable Future in Kosovo 2019-2021" Programme EvaluationKosovo2021 Very Good
End-line evaluation for the Finland-funded Programme 2020-2023 Programme EvaluationKenya2023 Very Good
Project Evaluation - Integrating Gender in Peace Support Operations Programme EvaluationKenya2020 Fair
Project Evaluation - Women’s Leadership, Empowerment, Access & Protection in Crisis Response (LEAP) Programme EvaluationKenya2020 Very Good
Joint Project on Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment Program Final Evaluation Programme EvaluationKenya2014 Not Rated
Final evaluation of Gender & Governance Programme (GGP III Kenya), Gender and Governance Component Programme EvaluationKenya2013 Good
Gender, Human Rights & Governance Programme - Human Rights Component Evaluation Programme EvaluationKenya2012 Not Rated
Joint Programme on GE and Women's empowerment in KENYA (Joint Midterm evaluation) Programme EvaluationKenya2012 Not Rated
Final evaluation of the project “Assistance in strengthening national capacity, coordinating, and creating effective interdepartmental measures to implement family and gender policies, expand women's contribution to national production and its growth in order to effectively implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1, 5, 8 and 10 and introduce a multisectoral approach to combat domestic violence in the Republic of Kazakhstan" (the Umbrella Project) Programme EvaluationKazakhstan2023 Very Good
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