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EvaluationEvaluation TypeUnit/CountryCompletion YearQuality Rating
Promoting rural women’s food security in Jordan Programme EvaluationJordan2017 Very Good
Promoting Social Cohesion through Women's Economic Empowerment and Protection Initiatives in Irbid and Zarqa Programme EvaluationJordan2016 Good
Promotion de la participation politique et leadership dans la consolidation de la paix Programme EvaluationCentral African Republic 2020 Good
Protecting and Promoting Women's Human Rights and Leadership in Sudan Programme EvaluationRegional Office for East and Southern Africa (Kenya)2008 Not Rated
Proyecto mejoramiento de la calidad de vida y empoderamiento de las mujeres del norte amazónico Programme EvaluationBolivia2020 Fair
Regional Programme AGEM "Developing Capacities for the gender analysis of the region's economies and conditions for positioning the women's agenda in the new stage of trade opening" Programme EvaluationRegional Office for Americas and the Caribbean (Panama)2009 Not Rated
Regional Programme Win Win: Gender Equality Means Good Business Programme EvaluationBrazil2020 Very Good
Renforcement de l’effectivité de l’égalité des droits entre les femmes et les hommes en Algérie Programme EvaluationMulti-Country Office for the Maghreb (Morocco)2019 Fair
Review of the "Women's political leadership and economic empowerment for the peacebuilding regional project 63745-48" Programme EvaluationRegional Office for Arab States (Egypt)2011 Not Rated
Serbia New Evaluation Programme EvaluationSerbia2015 Not Rated
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