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EvaluationEvaluation TypeUnit/CountryCompletion YearQuality Rating
IES led Country Portfolio Evaluation Country-level EvaluationEgypt2022 Very Good
Evaluation of the UN Women Multi-Country Office for the Caribbean Country-level EvaluationMulti-Country Office for the Caribbean (Barbados)2023 Very Good
Strategic Note Evaluation Country-level EvaluationEcuador2023 Very Good
Country Portfolio Evaluation Country-level EvaluationJordan2023 Very Good
Sudan Country Portfolio Evaluation 2018-2023 Country-level EvaluationSudan2023 Very Good
Country Portfolio Evaluation for Strategic Note 2019-2023 Country-level EvaluationBurundi2024 Very Good
Portfolio Evaluation of Niger CPE (2018-2022) Country-level EvaluationNiger2024 Good
Country Portfolio Evaluation Country-level EvaluationIndonesia2024 Very Good
2020-2024 Strategic Note Evaluation Country-level EvaluationMali2024 Not Rated
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