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EvaluationEvaluation TypeUnit/CountryCompletion YearQuality Rating
Country Portfolio Evaluation + Audit Country-level EvaluationPakistan2021 Very Good
Country Portfolio Evaluation: UN Women Haiti Strategic Note 2018-2021 Country-level EvaluationHaiti2022 Very Good
Country Portfolio Evaluation Country-level EvaluationBrazil2022 Very Good
Final evaluation of SN 2018-2022 Country-level EvaluationMoldova2022 Very Good
UN Women Country Portfolio Evaluations (CPE) Revised Guidelines Country-level EvaluationIndependent Evaluation Service (IES)2022 Not Rated
STRATEGIC NOTE EVALUATION 2018-2021 Country-level EvaluationDemocratic Republic of Congo2022 Good
Country Programme Evaluation in preparation for developing a new Strategic Note Country-level EvaluationMalawi2022 Good
Evaluación de Portafolio de País Country-level EvaluationBolivia2022 Very Good
Country Portfolio Evaluation for Zimbabwe Country-level EvaluationZimbabwe2022 Very Good
Country Portfolio Evaluation Country-level EvaluationNepal2022 Very Good
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