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EvaluationEvaluation TypeUnit/CountryCompletion YearQuality Rating
End of Project Evaluation for the KOIKA Project Programme EvaluationMalawi2021 Good
End of project evaluation for the Women Empowerment Programme Programme EvaluationMalawi2021 Very Good
End of Project Evaluation on Prevention of COVID 19 infection among vulnerable women and girls in drought-affected districts Programme EvaluationZimbabwe2024 Very Good
End of Term Evaluation of the Project ‘Towards Gender Equality Women’s Economic Empowerment Home Based Workers, Phase II’ (2012-2015) Programme EvaluationPakistan2016 Very Good
End term evaluation of the Making Every Woman and Girl Count progarmme - Phase I (2017-2021) Programme EvaluationPolicy, Programme and Intergovernmental Division2022 Not Rated
End Term Evaluation of Women Leadership and Social Reconstruction Project Programme EvaluationPakistan2016 Good
Ending Child Marriage Project in Malawi and Zambia Programme EvaluationMalawi2021 Good
End-line evaluation for the Finland-funded Programme 2020-2023 Programme EvaluationKenya2023 Very Good
End-line evaluation for the Italy-funded Let it not Happen Again Programme 2020 -2023 Programme EvaluationKenya2024 Very Good
Endline Evaluation Report Leveraging Technical Tools, Evidence and Community Engagement to Advance the Implementation of Laws and Provision of Services to Women Experiencing Violence in South-East Asia Programme EvaluationRegional Office for Asia and the Pacific (Thailand)2016 Good
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