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EvaluationEvaluation TypeUnit/CountryCompletion YearQuality Rating
Programme Evaluation of SAARC Gender Info Base of SAARC-UN Women, South Asia Regional Office Thematic EvaluationRegional Office for Asia and the Pacific (Thailand)2011 Not Rated
SGBV Programmes in CARO subregion Evaluation Thematic EvaluationRegional Office for West and Central Africa (Senegal)2011 Not Rated
Evaluation of UNIFEM Action to End Violence against Women in the Sub-Region of Central Africa Thematic EvaluationRegional Office for East and Southern Africa (Kenya)2010 Not Rated
Evaluation of UNIFEM´s Partnerships with Regional Organizations to Advance Gender Equality Thematic EvaluationUNIFEM DATA 2008-20112009 Not Rated
UNIFEM Programme Facilitating CEDAW Implementation in South East Asia Thematic EvaluationUNIFEM DATA 2008-20112008 Not Rated
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