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EvaluationEvaluation TypeUnit/CountryCompletion YearQuality Rating
Implementation of 2012-2013 strategic plan Evaluation Country-level EvaluationCameroon2016 Not Rated
Country Portfolio Evaluation Country-level EvaluationEl Salvador2015 Not Rated
Support for rural women's economic empowerment in the context of food insecurity and climate change in Mali Final Program Evaluation Country-level EvaluationMali2015 Not Rated
ASSESSMENT OF AWP PROGRESS MID 2014 (a light review exercise was conducted - no evaluation report) Country-level EvaluationMali2014 Not Rated
Joint Evaluation: UN Women/UNDP support to womens political participation in sub-Saharan Africa Country-level EvaluationPolicy, Programme and Intergovernmental Division2012 Not Rated
STRATEGIC NOTE EVALUATION 2018-2021 Country-level EvaluationDemocratic Republic of Congo2023 Good
Country Programme Evaluation in preparation for developing a new Strategic Note Country-level EvaluationMalawi2022 Good
Evaluation of the SN 2018-2020 Country-level EvaluationCameroon2021 Good
Femmes, Arbres de Paix : Pionnières de la gouvernance locale inclusive en République Centrafricaines (RCA) Country-level EvaluationCentral African Republic 2021 Good
UN Women Paraguay Country Portfolio Evaluation Country-level EvaluationParaguay2020 Good
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