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EvaluationEvaluation TypeUnit/CountryCompletion YearQuality Rating
Country Portfolio Evaluation for Zimbabwe Country-level EvaluationZimbabwe2022 Very Good
Country Portfolio Evaluation + Audit - Viet Nam Country-level EvaluationVietnam2021 Very Good
Country Portfolio Evaluation Country-level EvaluationUganda2020 Very Good
UN Joint Programme on Gender Equality (UNJPGE) Midterm Evaluation Country-level EvaluationUganda2016 Good
Country Portfolio Evaluation 2017-2022 Country-level EvaluationTanzania2022 Very Good
Country Portfolio Evaluation 2014 - 2016 Country-level EvaluationTanzania2016 Good
Final Evaluation of UN Women Sudan 2014-2016 Country Programme Country-level EvaluationSudan2017 Very Good
Mid-term Evaluation Report of "Raising Awareness of Gender Equality among Young People in Japan" Country-level EvaluationStrategic Partnerships Division2019 Not Rated
Country Portfolio Evaluation Country-level EvaluationSouth Sudan2018 Very Good
Review of the UNW-SLE SN 2014-2019 Country-level EvaluationSierra Leone2019 Not Rated
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